Premier Extension Packages (Our Deluxx Crowns)

For the most discerning Queen who puts quality, comfort, and manageability above all else.  Need we say more?  All of our crowns will leave you with a breathtakingly gorgeous set of lustrous tresses, but this option is for the client who doesn’t mind spending more coin to own the most stunning, dazzling crown available on the market.  Our Premier Extension Packages require very little maintenance, will out perform all of our other services, and is backed by a manufacturer replacement guarantee*.  

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Our Premier Extension Packages include your choice of

  • the Tape In method
  • the Microlink method
  • the Fusion method
  • the Shrinkie method

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The hair we use for Madame’s Deluxx Crown comes from world renowned, industry leaders HairDreams and DreamCatchers.  The hair, for either company, is 100% Grade AAA human, cuticle aligned, sourced from Europe, and backed by a 60 day manufacturer guarantee.**

Before your appointment ends, you will be consulted over your new at-home maintenance routine, recommended products to keep your Crown shining, and will book your first maintenance visit with your CrownMaker to get on a regular schedule to keep your extensions looking their best.  You will also be given a Welcome Packet to take home as well as a complimentary Crown Care Kit (includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Brush) valued at $75.

All applications include a basic blending haircut to disguise your natural layers and a styling selection of silky straight or sexy bodywave curls.





Full Package Description:

  • Complimentary consultation prior to service
  • Hair ordering/receiving/preparation
  • Up to 8oz of 20 inch 100% Grade AAA Human, Remy European hair
  • Take Home Crown Care Kit (Shampoo + Conditioner + Brush)
  • All supplies needed to perform application
  • Tape in or Strand by Strand Application
  • Basic Blending Haircut
  • Selection of styling: straight or bodywave
  • Take home welcome packet (also available online)

Dallas Clients, Include Everything Above PLUS:

  • One complimentary adjustment within 2 weeks
  • Selection of Netflix and/or Hulu entertainment
  • Complimentary snacks
  • Complimentary beverages including tea, coffee, and wine





**All hair under this package are protected by a 60 day warranty.  The hair must come in its original condition.  The warranty will become VOID if the hair has been chemically altered in any way.  In most cases you will have two options to file a claim:

  1. REMOVE current extensions FIRST and send in to Manufacturer to process and evaluate your claim. Once reviewed, Manufacturer will decide whether all, some, or none of your hair is eligible to exercise the warranty.  If proven eligible, the manufacturer will either replace all or some of your old hair and send new hair to the salon for it to be reinstalled.  If proven ineligible, the manufacturer will send the original hair back to be reinstalled or will dispose of the orginal hair at the client’s request.  In either scenario, the salon is not responsible for the condition of the hair as we are a 3rd party and can only control the application of extensions, not how they are manufactured.  There would be a nominal fee to reinstall the extensions if a client where to file a claim.  NOTE:  We have only ever had to file 2 claims in our extension service history and the issue was resolved to our and our client’s satisfaction.
  2. FILE a claim FIRST and have the Manufacturer send new hair BEFORE sending original hair to be processed and evaluated. There is some risk with this option.  If the Manufacture deems all or some part of the original batch to be INELIGIBLE to file a claim, the client would be RESPONSIBLE for payment to cover some or all of the cost of the new hair, depending on how much hair was considered ineligible.  NOTE:  We have only ever had to file 2 claims in our extension service history and the issue was resolved to our and our client’s satisfaction.