Imagine wanting to have amazing hair every day but don’t have the time, resources, or interest in getting semi-permanent extensions. 

Now imagine having a solution to your problems. 

A magical unicorn of a product that will give you INSTANT length and volume, THIS VERY SECOND drama, RIGHT NOW highlights or lowlights, or that mermaid combination of pastel pink, baby blue, and purple you’ve been seeing all over Instagram and wanting all year, WITHOUT damaging your hair.  Gasp!

Don’t go out and damage your hair and bleach your hair blonde.

Don’t spend hours in the chair getting your hair did.

Don’t spend money you are going to miss on semi permanent extensions you’re not sure you want.

Get a HALO.  I repeat, GET. A. HALO.

It’s instant gratification.

It’s a one time cost.

It’s a one time visit to the salon (if you want and that’s optional)

Lasts up to a year.

You put the drama on whenever; you take the drama off whenever.

It’s ONE, single, easy breezy piece, that’s cut into your current hairstyle, that you literally flip on, when you’re feeling sassy.

Maintenance?  You literally swish this thing in a bowl of watered down shampoo once a month, so, what maintenance?

And you curl it once and it STAYS curled! OMGeee

Anyway if you’re not convinced to buy one of these things yet, you can click here and schedule an in person Halo consultation so you can try it on.  If you are sure about snatching up one of these babies, then make a selection on our online store.